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"Dear Pam, I would like to thank you for calling me regarding possible changes to the swimwear I had originally ordered earlier. It is nice to know that there are customer reps ( or owners) that follow up on orders to ensure that the customer is always getting the best product available. I wish all companies had such wonderful customer service. I did not know until reading more about your company that you and Patti were the founders of this great company. I hope you continue to have great success because you provide a great service for parents and grandparents with small children or children with disabilities who can use flotation devices to swimming purposes. Sincerely,



"Just wanted to thank you for a fabulous product. I have used your floaty suits for years. Today my 5 year-old fell head first into my deep-end. Before I could even get to the edge of the pool she had been righted and her head popped up. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Susan -

Ridgefield, CT

"Thank you! Wonderful service and caring staff. Best service I have had online. Got the order today. Love product. Thanks Pam."



"I cannot even begin to tell you how wonderful this product is. My autistic grandson-age 6 used these (swim diaper) underneath his bathing suit all week in Myrtle Beach. They are so much better for the older children and you cannot tell they are wearing them. Thank you so much for this outstanding product and for your outstanding service!"


Chesapeake, VA

"The swimsuit for my Granddaughter arrived this morning. Thank you so much for the help in making sure it was shipped. I have bought these for all my grandchildren for the past 11 years. They have all learned to swim and been safe wearing these swimsuits. I will order again from your online store as she grows."



"My Pool Pal provides our special education students access to aqua therapy and pool time without compromising thier safety. This product has been invaluable to our 70 students who participate in our program. The gains they have made are immeasurable and have been made possible with your flotation suits. Thank you for providing such a high quality product!" Assistant Special Education Driector, Coffee County School"

Zach Craddock

Douglas, Georgia

"Our three-year old and one-year old children use My Pool Pal suits. Our son has worn his suit for two summers and recently swam without it. He swims all over the pool, jumps off the board and goes down the slide. We are so proud, and owe this self/swim confidence to the My Pool Pal suit. Our daughter began swimming by herself in the suit at ony 19 months. We think My Pool Pal suits are wonderful."

Tim and Kathleen Hankish

Holland, Ohio

"My family has used My Pool Pal with all four of our children, and it has helped them learn to swim by the age of four. Even though our older children are excellent swimmers, we still use the suits for swimming in lakes because they provide us with such a great sense of security."

Teresa Cantrell

Gwinnett County, Georgia

"My three-year old grandchild who uses My Pool Pal went from using the suit one day to swimming on her own, and I credit My Pool Pal as the primary source for that. As a former swim instructor and lifeguard for the Red Cross, I realize the advantage of using the suit and how much it helps children get to know and enjoy the water."

Ronnie Lance

Clermont, Georgia

"On a family vacation, I purchased My Pool Pal suits for our children, and what a difference in our summer! We spent days at the pool, and they would jump off the side of the pool and instantly come up to the surface. It was the first time our then eight-year old had been in the pool, and because of the My Pool Pal suit she could almost swim by the end of the weekend. It was great because she could practice without fear when wearing her suit."

Martha Osborne

Editor, Rainbow Kids Adoption E-zine

"My Pool Pal is the only flotation device I have ever recommended. My Pool Pal is uniquely designed to allow a child to develop strong fundamental swim skills while having fun in the pool. "

Karen King

Former Executive Director of Swim America,

I ordered a custom suit for my brother, the experience was quick painless and very easy to do. My brother Thomas has enjoyed many hours in the pool!! Thank you.


New Albany, Indiana

the disposable swim diaper works really well for my son. your outrageous mark up on shipping; however, is reprehensible.

amanda chapman

lago vista, tx

I just wanted to say a huge thank you for our Pool Pal Swimsuits! My daughter is 7 years old and has Velo-Cardio-Facial Syndrome. She is pretty typical, but she has some developmental delays. Every year, I have used a ski vest and floatie arm wings on her. But this year, she was able to swim completely independently with her PoolPal suit! She loves that her arms are free. I love that it keep her neutrally buoyant and doesn't "ride up" on her chin. It is as if she is swimming naturally, just with the aid of some flotation. I also ordered a suit for my little guy who just turned 3. In 2 days, he is able to completely swim unassisted. It is so easy to learn to swim in this suit. Next year, when my daughter is just a little stronger and my little guy is a little bigger, I feel I may be able to try to teach them without the suits. But in the meantime, this is a great way to grow comfortable with being in the water while practicing kicking, arms movements, and having fun. I cannot emphasize enough how nice it is to have the separate flotation pads and the way you all strategically place them for neutral floatation. We live in Florida, and we swim a lot. All the other suits from Wal-Mart with one big pad in them either ride up, don't allow for bending correctly in the water, or they cause flotation but they cause the child to turn on their back - they are "overly floatie". These suits allow my child to learn quickly how to lightly kick his legs to orient in the water - they way you do when you tread water. So - I feel this suit may be the most natural way to learn to grow comfortable in the water in the process of learning to swim. Thanks so much for a great product and for making our summer fun!


Winter Garden, FL

Purchased a My Pool Pal for my 19 month old granddaughter. X-Small 20 - 30 pounds, palm tree print. We sat her on the steps letting her enter the water when she felt comfortable. After a few minutes she wanted to play in the water with me. I let her hold my hands while we played around, within 10 minutes she was playing without assistance. That was the middle of June, she is now swimming using very good position in the water. Yesterday she was able to float on her back. We look forward to swimming lessons, we know she will learn so much because she will not be afraid, then she can use her suit to practice what she learns. We also use My Pool Pal swimsters - we have used both reusable and disposable. They are wonderful, and she loves them. Several accidents, no problems with it getting in the water.

Anthony Gilmer

Lula, , Ga.

The swimsuit is amazing and it did wonders for my daughter's confidence. She loves it and the customer service was excellent and the swimsuit came the next day. Thanks again for a wonderful product. Candace


Atlanta, Deorgia

Mypoolpal, My name is Sarah. On march 6th I ordered the sunglasses x small floatation bathing suit for my 10 month old's first trip to a pool. I received it in the mail today! Which is amazing, considering I live in Montana where most things take two weeks to get here:) it shows your exceptional customer service. After searching everywhere in my town to find a floatation bathing suit..with no luck( one store referred me to infant bikinis!), I am so relieved that your product was so easy to purchase. It is adorable and fits her well, and the colors and quality of the suit is impeccable. It is a safe way to introduce her to water, and I love its made in America. I would just like to say how pleased I am and that I will be telling everyone I can about it. Also, I will come back to your company in the future as my daughter grows. Thank you for your time, Sarah a very satisfied customer


M, Montana

Hi, I just wanted to say thank you for providing quality products! Our 14 yr old Autistic son is not toilet trained and loves to swim. So your reusable swim diaper allows him to swim and have fun all summer! We bought from you years ago and now we are back since he has out grown the old ones. But our old ones are still in perfect shape, after years of washing and drying and using! So please keep up the great work, and thanks again!!


Sterling Heights, Michigan

I can't say enough good things about your company. I tell all of my friends! I wish you were in stores!!!!

Cheryl McGovern

Upper Saddle River, New Jersey

I just ordered my second my pool pal swimsuit for my son. We got the first when he was 18 months old. Within the day he was swimming without assistance. He used it swimming independently for 2 summers. I just bought the next size up. He's 3 1/2 and I know he'll be confidently swimming without assistance in no time thanks to the confidence he has gained from the my pool pal swimsuit. I also have one for my 19 month old daughter that I can't wait to try. The weight is evenly distributed and I never feel like my son felt restricted or uncomfortable. Great product!


Revere, Massachusetts

We received a flotation swimsuit, swim trunks and swim shirt in size 2T when my son was born in 2008. And have worn them a couple years. In fact, we are just now purchasing a larger swim shirt for him only because he's still wearing the 2T and it's too short in the torso! I love that the sizes can grow with them! It's not super tight and restrictive and my kiddos LOVE it! Thanks Pool Pal!


Buford, Ga

I LOVE these! They fit awesome and hold in what needs to be held in! My daughter can now swim as she wants and is comfortable wearing them! My daughter is 12 years old 80 lbs Special needs and is very picky what she wears. I have been suggesting Mypoolpal reusable swimdiaper to other parents as well. It is very hard to find something that fits my daughter so well and does the job without a mess in the pool! Thank YOU ALL for everything that you do!


Bonduel, WI

I don't write reviews but for this product I needed to share what a WONDERFUL product and experience this is. I saw a boy wearing the flotation swimwear (2 years old) and having a ball in the pool while I chased my daughter around the pool watching every step. His parents had a lot less stress and seemed to be really enjoying their time by the pool. I bought one for my daughter who has taken swim lessons since an infant but too young to swim on her own. I called Pam to talk about the proper fit etc and with some tips that weekend in the pool she swam on her own with it! It was amazing to be in the pool while she kicked and 'reached and pulled' and the smile on her face? Ear to ear. As a mom who likes the best of everything this is a no-brainer. She wears it both at the beach and in the pool. I looked at the other products out there and this one is the real deal (and customer service out of this world). Again I don't write reviews unless it really needs to be said. So there it is.


new york city, new york

The swim diapers my 12 year old has are great. She has mega colon due to chronic constipation, a side effect of myotonic muscular dystrophy. They gave her the confidence to swim without worrying about having a noticeable accident in the pool. I would like to see them in a more teenage style that can be hidden in teen swimsuits. The legs are usually too high to hide the diaper. I try to buy swimsuits that have the boy shorts style but those are becoming hard to find.


Las Vegas, Nevada

The reuseable swim diaper is a wonderful product. I have purchased these for about 6 years now for our 13 year old daughter who has autism. The diaper does its job and the diaper cleans up well and lasts all year. Anyone looking for a great swim diaper for older swimmers, this is it!


West, Texas

I have ordered three floatations swinsuits over the past several years for our special needs grandson. He is blind & cannot speak. The floatations swimsuit has totally changed his life. I can't thank Pam & the wonderful crew at Poolpal for the great job you do on each swimsuit you make. Top quality & your dedication to making the customer happy. God bless.


Charleston, Tennessee

I bought this a couple years ago and promised myself coming back from vacation I would write a testimonial even though I never write them. I cannot say enough good things about this product. I have 2 different sizes, they're easy to travel with because they're light, and they have come in handy for my toddler but also for friends with children as an extra safety measure for all of us. Unlike swimmies, the babies love wearing this because it's actually really comfortable for them. My daughter loves jumping in a pool, no she really does, and while I am always 100% there watching her there is an extra layer of comfort for me knowing she has this on at all times. Also the company is amazing. The first one I bought was too big and they exchanged with no issue for a smaller one. I cannot say enough good things about this company and their product.


New York, NY

Our friend recommended the Girl's Flotation Swimsuit and we love it! Our Daughter can still swim across the pool under water, but with enough support to keep her afloat. I ordered a hat that was too small and spoke with Pam, who was very kind and helpful on the phone. She provided a larger sized hat and let us keep the smaller one to give to a friend! It was so nice. We will certainly spread the word about how great the products and company are! Regards, Felicia


Richmond, VA

I was so excited to find an answer to our daughter's swimming needs. We have a pool, and Sarah has always been a great swimmer, but she developed limbic encephalitis last year...everything changed for her. We knew her sisters and friends would be in the pool all summer (especially here in Arizona where it is so hot). The swimsuit came much faster than I had anticipated, thanks to Pam and the team at My Pool Pal, and today Sarah went swimming with her sisters and LOVED her new swimsuit. Thank you everyone.


Mesa, Arizona

Love Love Love the swim-sters!!! Saving so much money on the reusable swim diaper. We got ours two years ago, and it still fits and looks great!!!


Trenton, Texas

Have 2 say excellent products. Swimdiapers, love them. I can swim without fear of an accident . I like that feeling, especially with autism & cerebral palsy. These swim diapers are very discreer. Ordering swim diaper trunks,next in black. Thanks again ,Pam & company . Brandon Plemmons Asheville .NC


Asheville , NC

these work well from my small adult girl. So we can go to the pool safely without having accidents in the pool


Apple Valley, MN

My autistic son loves swimming he is son to be five and barely fitting in large disposable swim diapers thank you for making such a great product I share with all my special needs parents! Life saver!


Altoona , Pa

Thank you for my exemplary customer service experience. I am very impressed with the fast shipping, my order is correct, the packaging is perfect and I believe My Pool Pal company is THE BEST!! Respectfully submitted, Victoria Smith

Victoria Smith

Stroudsburg, Pa

Hi Guys, just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service, you've given me over the years. I will always have to wear a swim diaper, yours are the BEST! My favrite is the Green (custom made,Adult S) you guys did for me. Wore it all summer, including a day camp I attend every summer in June for three days. Put it on under my bathing suit, and no one knew I had a diaper on. Very pleased will definately order again, sometime.


Asheville , NC

I can not express how impressed I am with your customer service. I called on a Thursday around 3:30 with a couple sizing and shipping questions. The customer service rep (I am so sorry I don’t recall her name) was so helpful. I told her I need two suits by the end of the next week and I understood that the shipments had gone out for the day and nothing would be shipped until Monday and I wanted to make sure I would receive the package. That’s when she went above and beyond and gracelessly offered to drop it at the USPS on her way home!!! Well the package arrived yesterday and I am thrilled! In a side note ...I first found out about this company on a family trip to the Cayman Islands in 1994. I bought my first Pool Pal suit for my then 4 year old. All three of my children spent the summers at the lake in these suits from morning until bedtime. The two suits that I just ordered are for my almost 30 year old (my then 4 year old) twin boys who are 2. Can’t wait to create some more memories. Again thank you!!!?


Rochester Hills , Michigan

Thank you, Pam, and company. I've had to use your swim diapers , since I was about 28,29, your are by far the BEST. amazing products, especially for people with Special Needs (I have Autism, Cerebral Palsy,ADHD) for any swimmers with disabilites/difficulties swimming with a diaper on is a MUST. Your products have washed wonderfully over many summers, this summer I'll be 33, I've washed/used my current ones for about 4 years now, with NO problem. They're still in excellent shape. Will definately order from My Pool Pal for ALL my swim diapering needs.

Brandon Plemmons

Asheville, North Carolina

This swimsuit is a blessing!!!! My four year old is terrified of water and has always refused to wear a floatation device on top on her suit or have then on her arms. When I saw this type of suit I was very skeptical and honestly quite nervous to spend the money on it, but this was all we had left to try and I am thrilled we tried it! I let her pick the pattern and assured her that I’d still be able to hold her while she also gets to learn to swim on her own at the same time. She love the mermaid suit and couldn’t wait to become a mermaid! When we got it she did not hesitate to put it on and wear it all over the house every day! We finally got to swim for the first time this year and it couldn’t have gone better. She didn’t want to be held, but she did want to hold onto a finger on each hand while she kick. That quickly turned into her only holding one hand and then within an hour she was swimming on her own and having a blast chasing me! I am forever thankful for this suit and I will recommend it to anybody looking for some swimming help with their littles! This will also come in handy with a little sister on the way! Thank y’all so much for this genius product! This mama is happy to enjoy the pool without a child on her hip!


Franklin, Indiana

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