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Bacteria E-Coli

In today's environment, staying safe in the water means more than wearing a PFD. There are many recreational waterborne illnesses you need to be aware of and protect yourself and your children from to make sure a fun day at the pool doesn't turn sour. One of these is E coli. E coli is a species of bacterium that inhabits the stomach and intestines of warm blooded mammals. It, like all waterborne illnesses, is transmitted through fecal matter — sometimes from wildlife or farm animals, but often from humans. This is especially a concern for young ones still in diapers. Swim diapers like Swim-sters are an essential part of the swim wardrobe of any diaper clad youngster. They help contain fecal matter and help stop or limit the release of bacteria like E coli into the water.

The dangers of E coli

E coli is a threat to all swimmers, but especially to children, the elderly, and people with weakened immune systems who are most likely to develop illnesses or infections after swimming in polluted water.

My Pool Pal recognizes the importance of safe swimming environments and are working hard to educate the public, along with organizations such as Safe Kids, YMCAs, the Red Cross, CDC, Florida Swim Academy, major theme parks, various water parks and state agencies to educate the public about healthy swimming tips. Contact us today for more information on what you can do to stop the spread of E coli in swimming water.

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